Zoologische Mededelingen, 86 (December 2012)R.J.T. Villanueva: Review of the Philippine taxa formerly assigned to the genus Amphicnemis Selys. Part I: Overview and descriptions of three new genera (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)

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The Philippine species formerly assigned to the genus Amphicnemis Selys are reviewed. Three new genera Luzonobasis gen. nov., Pandanobasis gen. nov. and Sangabasis gen. nov. are erected. Amphicnemis isabela is synonymised with Amphicnemis glauca and transferred to Luzonobasis gen. nov. Amphicnemis cantuga and A. mcgregori are transferred to Pandanobasis gen. nov. Amphicnemis braulitae, A. circularis, A. dentifer and A. furcata are transferred to Sangabasis gen. nov. The rest of the Philippine Amphicnemis species are transferred to the genus Pericnemis Hagen. Two new species are described: Pandanobasis curacha spec. nov. and P. daku spec. nov.